• Neck Tattoos , Are They for You?

    Let’s face it , Neck Tattoos are red hot right now. It seems almost everywhere you go you see someone with a Neck Tattoo these days. Not so ong ago ,the only people you would see with one were your hardcore outlaw types. Now days , they barely catch a second look.

    Its estimated that roughly 20 percent of new tattoos right now are being done on the neck area. This is a huge increase over the last few years.

    So , are you ready to take the plunge? Getting a neck tattoo is a real commitment and if you’re ever going to be in a job market that frowns on this kind of thing , you may want to think twice.

    Many of us have the “normal” tattoos that we barely gave a second thought to when getting them. You know , an arm , leg , or back tattoo. But  neck tattoos are an entirely different deal.It’s usually a much bigger decision , and like I said if you’re younger and it may hinder your chances of paying the bills , you better really think it through. If it isn’t going to affect your ability to make some scratch , go for it.

    Many people ask if getting tattoed on your neck hurts more than some of the other , more common areas of the body. Usually it is a little more uncomfortable but it also depend on the area of the neck that you get it.Also , it may hurt more because there is less muscle in the neck area betwwen the skin and bone.

    So bottom line is really this , if you’re thinking of getting a neck tattoo , just consider all the plusses and minusses based on your personal situation. Most of the time people make this based on their job or career path.You don’t want to end up living at your Moms house forever just because you  wanted to look cool in your twenties and now you can’t even afford to live on your own.  Neck Tattoos are definately cool if you can swing it.


    Here’s a few bad ass neck tatto designs in this video


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    Get rid of your tattoo with a tattoo concealer

    Do you have an annoying tattoo on your body that’s hindering you from doing certain things? There are people who need to get rid of tattoos because of their families, jobs, or simply because they accidentally made the wrong decision when they got the tattoo. No matter what the reason may be for you, you can easily get rid of your tattoo easily and quickly by using a tattoo concealer. These concealers can help you get rid of your tattoo in a completely natural way. These concealers won’t remove the tattoo right off the bat, but they can help hide it for a short period of time.

    Why use a tattoo concealer?

    A tattoo concealer is very nice to use because you can easily cover up the tattoo for instant emergencies. Whether it’s for a job or a date, you can easily and quickly cover it up with a nice concealer. Since these can cover up the entire tattoo, they aren’t just like ordinary concealers used by makeup artists. These help blend the skin together to allow for the entire tattoo to sort of dissolve with the other skin. It’s a very powerful thing to use, and you really need to be careful to put the right amount; not too little and not too much.

    The benefits of using a natural tattoo concealer

    One of the main benefits is the fact that these are not painful. They are not like medications or surgical lasers that will remove the tattoo. They are simply powders that can help cover up the tattoos look. So, you’ll find these to be very good to use for emergencies.

    Is it possible to remove the tattoo completely?

    It most definitely is very possible to remove the tattoo. There are many wonderful programs online like the Get Rid Tattoo Naturally program that’ll outline different non-surgical techniques for getting rid of your tattoos. You don’t really need to go through difficult and painful surgeries or lasers, as they aren’t exactly necessary. You can be sure to have your tattoo removed in a matter of months by using several techniques and tips.

    Are surgical lasers dangerous?

    They aren’t exactly dangerous, but they are painful and can create several side effects if something goes wrong. This is the reason why programs like Get Rid Tattoo Naturally is nice, and it’s simply because the tricks are all possible to do right now without spending a fortune on lasers.

    Tattoo Concealers are very powerful to use. They are very cheap, and while they won’t remove the tattoo, they will still be able to remove the entire look of the tattoo. I highly suggest using this as often as you possibly can, as concealers are safe and won’t hurt you just to put them on. Imagine them just being a type of makeup that you can rub all over the tattoo and it’ll slowly hide for the next several hours or days. Buy a tattoo concealer today and cover up your tattoo for a very long time.


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    Do Neck Tattoos Hurt

    This is a common question , mostly from women by the way. It’s understandable
    that someone who has never had a tattoo will wonder , Is this going to hurt?

    When I got my first tattoo it was actually on my leg. This was back in the 90′s while living in Hawaii. One night my buddy and I went in to Waikiki to get our first tattoos. I was a little nervous at first and wondered what it was going to feel like.

    The reality is probably just what you’re going to experience. Some parts of the tattoo will hurt more than others. For me , my first tattoo was on my calf and I think it hurt most when he got the gun up towards my shin. The real pain was keeping my leg in this weird position for 2 hours while he did the work. All in all , it was cool experience.

    Do Tattoos Hurt , Watch This Lady Scream Like Crazy



    That was just for fun , obviously it just scared the hell out of her.

    Here’s another video to check out

    How to minimize the pain of getting a tattoo


    The bottom line is , When it comes to getting a new tattoo , yeah it’s probably going to hurt a little.

    Go for it anyhow!!!


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    Chris Browns Neck Tattoo , Is It Rihanna?

    Ok , The big question everyone is asking about Chris Brown’s new neck tattoo, Is it really a picture of Rihanna?

    I have a better question , Why do people really give a shit?

    Please someone tell me what the fascination is with all this.

    Chris Brown , Did he tattoo Rihanna on his neck?

    “Chris Brown insists his brand new neck tattoo is NOT a bizarre homage to Rihanna — but if you look closely, the resemblance is uncanny.

    The last photo we’ve seen of Chris without the tat is dated August 30th and the above photo was taken on September 1st, so CB got the ink job at some point between those two dates … nearly a week before Rihanna kissed him at the MTV VMAs.

    Sources really close to Chris tell us any similarities the tat has with Rihanna’s face are purely coincidental — “It’s a random woman.”

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2012/09/11/chris-brown-tattoo-rihanna/#ixzz29Pw4J7Uz
    You can also check out this video

    Chris Brown Tattoo=Battered Rihanna?



    Now we’ve all seen this Chris Brown neck tattoo deal plastered all over the internet , TV and every magazine at the grocery store.

    I’m not going to weigh in to much on this , The media keeps pumping up the idea that it’s of Rihanna. CB says the neck tattoo is of a skull commemorating
    a mexican holiday.

    What’s your take? Or if you’re like me and can’t believe so many people waste their time following this shit , like this post. LOL


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    Bad Celebrity Tattoos

    Have you noticed that there are more bad celebrity tattoos than ever?
    Who do you think has the worst tattoos? Some celebs actually have some really really cool artwork while others may as well be hanging out at the local truck stop or trailer park.

    I want some input on this. Please let us know who has cool tattoos and what celebs have the worst tattoos.

    Here’s a video I just found with a few examples


    Bad Celebrity Tattoos Video


    People in the music industry have always been known for having tattoos. It seems to me that more and more actors and actresses have multiple tattoos than 10 years ago.

    What’s your thoughts on all the bad celebrity tattoos? Cmon , if you’re making millions don’t get some piece of shit tattoo right? And if you got it before you were famous and making some bank, then get the fucker fixed , touched up ,or just plain out removed.

    Just a rant I guess

    Like this post if you agree..

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    History Of Tattoos

    Do you think you know the history of tattoos? I thought I did until I started digging around and ran across some scientific finds.

    Not only was I surprised about the real history of tattoos I was also surprised about many of the other facts that have lead to the tattoo industry as we know it.

    Example ; Do you know who invented the tattoo gun?


    History of tattoos

    “Tattooing has been a Eurasian practice since Neolithic times. “Ötzi the Iceman”, dated circa 3300 BC, bore 57 separate tattoos: a cross on the inside of the left knee, six straight lines 15 centimeters long above the kidneys and numerous small parallel lines along the lumbar, legs and the ankles, exhibiting possible therapeutic tattoos (treatment of arthritis). Tarim Basin (West China, Xinjiang) revealed several tattooed mummies of a Western (Western Asian/European) physical type. Still relatively unknown (the only current publications in Western languages are those of J P. Mallory and V H. Mair, The Tarim Mummies, London, 2000), some of them could date from the end of the 2nd millennium BC.                                                               

    One tattooed Mummy (c. 300 BC) was extracted from the permafrost of Altaï in the second half of the 15th century (the Man of Pazyryk, during the 1940s; one female mummy and one male in Ukok plateau, during the 1990s). Their tattooing involved animal designs carried out in a curvilinear style. The Man of Pazyryk, a Scythian chieftain, is tattooed with an extensive and detailed range of fish, monsters and a series of dots that lined up along the spinal column (lumbar region) and around the right ankle (illustrated at right). “

    You can read more of this article on the history of tattoos here …

    For those of us that really appreciate the art and culture of tattoos it’s interesting to know the history behind them. In todays society many people see tattoos as being somewhat rebelious. When you look back through history it’s interesting to see how different cultures used tattoos to symbolize different things. Everything from religous meanings to identifying criminals.

    Bottom line , The history of tattoos is really interesting even if you don’t have a tattoo.

    Hope you learned something from this , please share this post if you did.

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    Tattoo Removal

    Many people that get a tattoo later regret the decision and decide to look in to getting their tattoo removed.
    I would tell anyone that’s thinking about getting their first tattoo to think long and hard about the decision and make sure that it is right for them.

    The most common method is laser tattoo removal. While it isn’t super painful it can be irritating and very costly.

    Here’s an example of what it looks like to get a tattoo removed

    Tattoo Removal

    Many times someone gets a tat when they’re younger and finds that as they get older that tattoo isn’t going to serve them well. Especially if it’s in an area such as the neck or face.

    This can really come into play for many Employers.

    Do you think it should be consider discrimination to not hire someone because of a visible tattoo?

    I guess it depends on the job.

    Again , think about the decision to get your tattoo in the first place before you have to go through the tattoo removal process also.

    Looks like all and all , it would suck. LOL

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    Neck Tattoo Removal

    Everyone asks about Neck Tattoo Removal or Tattoo Removal in general for all that matter. Here’s a cool little video of a girl having laser tattoo removal performed on here Neck Tattoo.

    I think she is in the service and that is her reason for getting it removed.


    There are other options besides laser tattoo removal. Some people may enjoy having a Neck Tattoo or other tattoo but may find that they just need to cover it up sometimes.

    At that point you can look for an over the counter or online tattoo cover up solution.

    Tattoo Designs: What Do They Mean

    I just ran across this list.  If you’ve ever wondered what different tattoo designs actually mean then here you go.I thought it was cool.

    Anchor tattoo meaning: Safety, hope and salvation.

    Angel tattoo meaning: Protection, guardians, keepers of dreams

    Bat tattoo meaning: Longevity, happiness, mystery.

    Bear tattoo meaning: Good nature, good luck, also ignorance.

    Bird tattoo meaning: Birth, intuition, freedom.

    Bull tattoo meaning: Fertility, power and strength.

    Butterfly tattoo meaning: Spiritual immortality, temporary element of life.

    Cat tattoo meaning: Linked to magic and bad omens.

    Centaur tattoo meaning: Knowledge and nature, spirit of womanhood.

    Chain tattoo meaning: If broken – freedom. If intact-slavery.

    Clown tattoo meaning: Laughter, tears, uncertainties.

    Clover tattoo meaning: Good luck.

    Crescent moon tattoo meaning: Transformation and rebirth. Feminine power

    Cross tattoo meaning: Sacrifice, love and salvation.

    Crow tattoo meaning: Revival, Gods messenger.

    Devil(baby)tattoo meaning: Mischievousness, urgent desire for sex.

    Dog tattoo meaning: Man’s best friend, loyalty, trustworthiness.

    Dolphin tattoo meaning: Benefactor. The saviour’s emblem.

    Dove tattoo meaning: Universal symbol of peace.

    Dragon tattoo meaning: Strength, power. Rules over fire and air.

    Dragonfly tattoo meaning: Affinity with the Spiritual Life. Illusion.

    Eagle tattoo meaning: King of birds. Might, spiritual growth.

    Eye tattoo meaning: Self protection. Ever watching!

    Fairy tattoo meaning: Good or evil supernatural powers.

    Feather tattoo meaning: Creativity, rebirth and spiritual elevation.

    Fish tattoo meaning: Plentifulness, spiritual peace.

    Frog tattoo meaning: Positive symbol of pregnancy.

    Hawk tattoo(tribal) meaning: Self-discipline.

    Heart tattoo meaning: Love, provided it is neither bloody nor torn into pieces.

    Horse tattoo meaning: Friend to man, kingship.

    Leaf tattoo meaning: Joy, rebirth

    Lion tattoo meaning: Might, awareness, immortality, bravery.

    Lizard tattoo meaning: Symbolises the soul searching for light.

    Lotus tattoo meaning: If open symbolises the sun, if closed, the moon.

    Mermaid tattoo meaning: Temptation, seduction, materialism

    Monkey tattoo meaning: Wisdom, knowledge, or evil powers.

    Moon tattoo meaning: Varied rhythms of life.

    Phoenix tattoo meaning: Rebirth

    Reaper tattoo meaning: Death

    Rose tattoo meaning: Fertility.

    Scarab tattoo meaning: Strength and rebirth.

    Skull tattoo meaning: Courage, Death.

    Snake tattoo meaning: Temptation, knowledge and wisdom.

    Spider tattoo meaning: Creativity.

    SpiderWeb tattoo meaning: Denial of established order. Beware!

    Star tattoo meaning: Spirit, inspiration, resolution of problems.

    Sun tattoo meaning: Sacredness of life. Warmth, nurturing.

    Sword tattoo meaning: Represents justice, honour, energy.

    Tiger tattoo meaning: Fierceness, strength and power.

    Turtle tattoo meaning: Fertility, long life.

    Unicorn tattoo meaning: Chastity and purity.

    Wolf tattoo meaning: Faithfulness in marriage.

    YinYang tattoo meaning: Harmony and totality.

    Getting A tattoo should be a personal experience so knowing what a certain design really means can be useful.

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