• Do Neck Tattoos Hurt

    This is a common question , mostly from women by the way. It’s understandable
    that someone who has never had a tattoo will wonder , Is this going to hurt?

    When I got my first tattoo it was actually on my leg. This was back in the 90′s while living in Hawaii. One night my buddy and I went in to Waikiki to get our first tattoos. I was a little nervous at first and wondered what it was going to feel like.

    The reality is probably just what you’re going to experience. Some parts of the tattoo will hurt more than others. For me , my first tattoo was on my calf and I think it hurt most when he got the gun up towards my shin. The real pain was keeping my leg in this weird position for 2 hours while he did the work. All in all , it was cool experience.

    Do Tattoos Hurt , Watch This Lady Scream Like Crazy



    That was just for fun , obviously it just scared the hell out of her.

    Here’s another video to check out

    How to minimize the pain of getting a tattoo


    The bottom line is , When it comes to getting a new tattoo , yeah it’s probably going to hurt a little.

    Go for it anyhow!!!


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